Resolution 1-07B Status Update: Quincentennial celebration of the Lutheran Reformation

At its 2013 convention, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod adopted Resolution 1-07B, encouraging congregations and individuals to support The Wittenberg Project with prayer and financial resources.

The LCMS started project fundraising in May 2014 with the Reformation 500 Club, which doubles donations of $500 or more from the first 500 congregations and schools. Nearly $2.9 million was gifted or pledged through June 30, 2014, which is more than half of the projected cost.

The dedication of the Old Latin School will be held May 3, 2015, in conjunction with the International Lutheran Council theological conference. The Old Latin School will serve as a place where universities, seminaries and partners can hold conferences, continuing-education events, and retreats while in the homeland of Martin Luther.

“One of the most exciting things I have done in the church outside of the parish is to become involved in The Wittenberg Project,” said Rev. Michael Kumm, chairman, LCMS Board of Directors. “How exciting to witness and experience the renovation of a school building … just steps away from where Luther preached many of his sermons at St. Mary’s City Church. This is a project unlike any other. It is melding the old with the new so that we might continue to learn what is timeless: the Gospel of Christ.”