The Campaign is a Success!

Soli Deo Gloria!

The campaign to fund the renovation of the Old Latin School was officially declared a success on Wednesday, January 4, 2017.  A very strong giving response in November and December 2016 supplied sufficient resources to pay all remaining construction-related invoices in all respects. Included in the strong response were generous gifts naming chapel chairs, the last window in the chapel, and the chapel itself.  The LCMS and the ILSW will make a public announcement in the days ahead.

The campaign committee wishes to express its profound gratitude to everyone who has shown interest in this effort, and who joyfully chose to give of themselves to make the renovation possible.

Several details for the campaign remain.  Recognition plaques and a special book are being prepared. Once recognition plaques are mounted, photographs will be taken to share with the relevant partners to document their support.  Final reports will be prepared and made available through appropriate channels. Finally, this website will be closed down on or around July 1, 2017 to allow to represent the work of The Wittenberg Project.