Solo Verbo (Word Alone)


Solo Verbo (Word Alone) recognizes the generous investment of individuals and families who provide gifts of at least $500 to the Wittenberg Project Old Latin School renovation. These gifts are a confession of faith and a commitment to gift at least one dollar for every year since Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the door of Wittenberg’s Castle Church. There is no maximum amount limiting Solo Verbo gifts; however, Solo Verbo donors at levels of $1,000 or more may instead be given the option of naming available spaces or items in the building under the naming rights plan.

Solo Verbo is a partner appeal effort to the Reformation 500 Club, which seeks gifts and pledges of $500 or more from congregations, schools, church groups and other organizations. Participation by individuals and families will be recognized under the name Solo Verbo.

Solo Verbo is also a ‘word of mouth’ campaign effort. We pray that those who do give or pledge at the $500 or higher level will help us spread the word of what is happening in Wittenberg and encourage others to participate financially as the Old Latin School opens for operation. Its purpose too is to ‘spread the Word’ through education, outreach and a welcoming Lutheran presence in the very heart of Wittenberg, Germany.

For more information about Solo Verbo, and to give a gift or pledge support at the $500 level or more, contact Patty Mainer in Mission Advancement by phone at 888-930-4438 or via email at